For Future Students and Families


Because everybody's situation is different – from first generation to multi-generation and everywhere inbetween – this page contains information we hope you find helpful in navigating this process.

Questions about your financial aid letter? 联系 your 招生顾问 Current Students: Use Student Financial Services for Account Inquiries



我们致力于让你的大学经历负担得起和容易获得. Rest assured we are staying on top of these changes and will continue to update our current and future students on what to expect.





通过一系列的拨款, 奖学金, 联邦援助, 低息贷款, an SAU education is affordable. Our 金融援助 counselors develop a personalized package that puts a private education well within your reach.


Federal Student Aid 项目

For detailed explanations of available federal programs 点击这里.

Scholarship Search Resources

There are many opportunities to receive 奖学金 from outside sources. Here are a few websites to begin researching your options:

Next time you're on campus, check out the bulletin board outside Student Financial Services where we post flyers and applications for outside 奖学金.




Look at the categories below to see who you should contact depending on your present stage of college enrollment.

I'm interested in attending St. galaxy银河娱乐场app: 
联系 the Admissions Office at 563-333-6300 or admissions@ariannacycling.net.
Our admissions staff is here to assist. We'll get you connected with your Admissions Counselor who will have plenty information about the admissions process and help you develop a plan to pay for college.

I'm admitted or have enrolled to attend to St. galaxy银河娱乐场app: 
联系 your Admissions Counselor.
Your Admissions Counselor's name can be found on the letter and business card included in your acceptance packet. Or, if you don't remember - we understand! -你可以随时拨打563-333-6300,我们会查询你的名字和你的辅导员. All counselors are also listed in alpha-order with their photos on this page.

我现在是圣. galaxy银河娱乐场app学生: 
联系 Student Financial Services, a help center for students and their families.
Associates in Student Financial Services can help you with student accounts, course registration and financial aid.

招生和资助 Deadlines

Get organized to stay on top of deadlines!

从开始找大学到做出最终决定,你会收到很多信息. Set aside a container – a folder, 手提包, or whatever is handy – to keep track of everything you receive in the mail, plus paper copies of any financial/tax information.

在你的邮箱里, 创建一个文件夹来保存与大学申请过程有关的信件. Having a dedicated space – physically and electronically – means you know where to look when trying to find something and it won't get mixed in with other day-to-day information.

Below is a general timeline of what a future college student should be doing to prepare in the 1-2 years before enrolling.


夏天 之前 大三:

  • Make a list of colleges to visit.


  • 安排一个 校园参观; we have virtual and on campus options available all year.
  • Follow some schools on social media where you plan to visit and/or apply. This will give you a feeling of what it's like on campus. 查找SAU网址: Instagram, 推特, YouTube, 脸谱网.


  • Save information from your or your parent's filed taxes. This information will be used on the FAFSA.
  • 时间表 春天访问 (如果你在秋天没有去的话)或者找一个适合你日程安排的第二次参观的选择.

夏天 之前 四年级:

  • 申请SAU. We begin admitting first-year students on September 1.



  • 访问分. Even if you've already visited, find another option like an Overnight 访问 to add to your campus experience.
  • Make your final decision and 向SAU承诺.
  • 完成你的 住房合同 (5月).


  • 参加一个 取向 对于忠诚的学生.
  • Make a checklist and begin packing.
  • 是时候搬进来享受生活了 欢迎周!

Future transfer students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you've already completed a FAFSA, be sure to add St. galaxy银河娱乐场app (code: 001889). Stay on top of 2024-2025 updates on our FAFSA常见问题解答.


金融援助 Words and Terminology

You'll see these referred to on your financial aid letter so brush up or learn about some financial aid words and terminology.  你也可以参观 U.S. Department of Education's website on Understanding 金融援助.

学术奖学金: 这些基于成绩的奖学金是根据你的未加权GPA和, 如果适用的话, test scores or college work if you are a transfer student. This scholarship will automatically renew each year of your undergraduate studies – up to four years – as long as you maintain satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree, achieve certain GPA requirements, remain a full-time student.

注册/登记: When a student has registered to take classes.

Full-time: Enrolled in ≥12 credits per semester (undergraduate); enrolled in ≥9 credits per semester (graduate)

Part-time: Enrolled in ≤11 credits per semester (undergraduate); enrolled in ≤8 credits per semester (graduate)

Half-time: Enrolled in 6-8 credits per semester (undergraduate); enrolled in 4.5-6.5 credits per semester (graduate)

联邦佩尔助学金: 颁发给通过FAFSA备案显示特殊经济需求的本科生. The maximum award is currently $7,395, determined by your EFC.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): Additional aid awarded to Pell-eligible students with an EFC of $0.

联邦工作研究: 该计划为入学期间有经济需要的本科生提供兼职工作. To qualify, you must file the FAFSA and show 财务需要. 如果你有资格, in return for working on campus you'll be awarded $2,560 per year for tuition or living expenses. We have approximately 300 work-study positions across campus and the work study Coordinator located in the 金融援助 office will help you find a position and be successful. Your work hours will be scheduled around your classes and it is a great opportunity to start building your résumé.

爱荷华州学费补助: Awarded by the state for Iowa residents attending a private institution. The grant is currently $7,500 per year. 符合条件的学生在没有上大学的情况下在该州居住了至少一年, have filed the FAFSA by July 1 of the award year, have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $16,000或以下.

机构的援助: Free money given to a student by the University that does not get repaid. 除了学术奖学金之外,学生还会因为一些不同的原因获得额外的资助. 在圣. galaxy银河娱乐场app,我们提供体育,美术,多元化,天主教和许多其他奖学金. 这些奖学金数额是根据成绩、人口统计和经济需要而定的.

格兰特: 类似于奖学金, 补助金不需要偿还,通常由政府或私人实体根据需要发放.

贷款: This is borrowed money that has to be repaid. 许多贷款人收取利息,这是一种按到期金额的百分比计算的费用. All 联邦直接贷款 require the student to file the FAFSA. Learn more about loans below.

奖学金:外 As we work together to develop financial aid plans for your St. galaxy银河娱乐场app教育,我们强烈建议在你的galaxy银河娱乐场app寻找奖学金. Any 奖学金 awarded from outside organizations and businesses will not decrease the amount of institutional aid we provide. We simply add them to your financial aid package. These can be a tremendous help in lowering your balance due.

令人满意的进展:  Also Satisfactory Academic Progress. Based on a scale of a student's grade point average and number of credits. Read more on the Registrar's 政策 page.

奖学金: A gift of money that does not have to be repaid. Awarding a scholarship can be based on a variety of qualifications, 比如功绩, 财务需要, 人才, 等.



贷款 are one way to pay for your degree.

Financial institutions lend money to a person over a set period of time with the legal expectation that the recipient will repay the amount.

As part of learning about loans, read SAU's 财政援助政策 and use the 净价计算器 to see how loans affect your budget.

Loan Best Practices and Tips

Here are some important tips to follow when borrowing student loans:

  • As a student loan borrower, be aware of your rights and responsibilities.
  • 做一个负责任的借款人,只借你需要支付教育费用的钱. 如果你借的钱超过了你这学期的需要,你总是可以还的. There are no penalties for early repayment.
  • Know your allotted grace period for each loan. 如果你的成绩低于半天或退学,你将进入你的宽限期. 如果你的宽限期过去了,你没有注册,你将开始你的还款期.
  • 偿还应计利息,避免进入还款时利息资本化.
  • Avoid defaulting on your student loan. If you have trouble making monthly payments, contact your student loan provider or school for help and information.
  • 如果你有任何贷款资金超过你的成本,你可能会收到退款. 如果你是第一次借款者,你的第一次付款有30天的延迟.
Federal 贷款 – For Students and Parents


所有学生提交 FAFSA are eligible for federal loans.

SAU财政援助办公室决定你有资格获得哪种类型的联邦贷款, the loans will be listed on your official award letter.


These are federally guaranteed loans. There are two types of Direct 贷款: subsidized and unsubsidized. Learn more about these loan types on the federal Student Aid website.

  • A subsidized loan is based on 财务需要; the government waives the interest accrual while the student is enrolled at least half-time. 补贴贷款的偿还要在学生入学时间降至半日以下6个月后才开始, 毕业生, 或撤回.
  • 无补贴贷款不是基于经济需要,也没有延期支付利息.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS 贷款

这种贷款是为那些想要资助学生的剩余余额和费用的父母提供的. This is a credit-based loan with a fixed interest rate (see the table below). 在学生入学期间,家长负责全额付款或只支付利息. The loan cannot exceed the cost of attendance that remains once all other institutional and 联邦援助 has been applied.

贷款类型借款人Starting July 1, '23-June 30, '24
直接补贴 本科 固定的5.5%
直接补贴的 研究生 and 本科 固定的5.5% (undergraduate); fixed 7.05%(研究生)
直接加 毕业生或家长 固定8.05% 

*See the graduate student loan accordion for more information regarding federal loans available to graduate level students.

Federal loans have an origination fee, which is a one-time cost subtracted from the top of whatever amount they lend you to pay for administration and processing costs. 23- 24的费用是1.057% for subsidized and unsubsidized Direct loans, 4.228% for Parent PLUS and 研究生 PLUS loans.

For information, visit the Federal Direct Loan website.

Quick Facts about the Federal Direct Loan Program

St. galaxy银河娱乐场app undergrad students who take out a federal direct loan* 67%
2020 Cohort default rate for SAU students with a federal direct loan(s)** 0.0%

2020 Cohort default rate national average***


*Borrowing data is for the 2022-2023 academic year. 研究生 data available upon request.

**The federally calculated cohort default rate (CDR) measures how many federal student loan borrowers default within a specified period after entering repayment. 2020年话单, 学生将在2019年10月至2022年9月期间还款, defaulted by September 2023.

*** The national cohort default rate has dropped to 0 percent, which reflects the pandemic pause on student loan repayment. 本页在每年9月官方群体违约率公布时更新.


Private alternative loans are designed to assist students who need additional funding to meet the gap between the cost of attendance and any financial aid they have already received for that year/term.

Private loans are not part of the federal education loan program. Any student with questions or considering a private loan to help cover costs should first speak with the 财政援助办事处.


  • 作为私人贷款借款人,你有责任研究哪种贷款最适合你. You should pay close attention to 利率, fees, repayment terms.
  • If a lender approves the loan amount you requested, the University might not approve that same amount. The amount of money you may borrow (your loan) will be determined by both the University and other aid you receive. The loan also must fit within your Cost of Attendance budget set by the University according to Department of Education guidelines.
  • Private/alternative loans are credit-based loans. This means that the company will run your credit history. 如果你的信用没有通过,你可能需要有一个共同签署人,以便获得贷款. 大多数私人教育贷款机构提供可变利率或固定利率的选择. 可变意味着利率在贷款期间会随市场波动. Fixed means your interest rate will stay the same over the life of the loan. 这将极大地影响贷款在还款期间的总成本. If you do require a co-signer, most lenders offer a co-signer release option. 这意味着一旦你在还款,可以批准自己的信贷, your cosigner will be removed from the loan through a refinance process.
  • Many private educational loans also have associated fees. 这些处理或发起费用是向您收取的,并从您的贷款中扣除. 例如, 你借了1美元,000 and the loan you chose had a 5 percent origination fee, you would only receive $950 because $50 is deducted for the fee.
  • 一旦你申请,财政援助办公室将被通知,我们将证明你的贷款. 在大多数情况下, this is done electronically, but you can expect that processing will take several weeks to complete because of the credit underwriting that the lenders perform.

Compare 贷款 to Make an 信息rmed Decision
This private loan comparison tool empowers you to take control of the process and make an informed decision in selecting the best private loan for your individual situation.

  • FASTChoice, powered by Great Lakes loan guarantor and processor, helps you choose the right loan by presenting you with loan details, including eligibility requirements, 利率, loan limits and borrower benefits. FASTChoice为以前使用St . net的各种私人教育贷款机构提供比较工具. galaxy银河娱乐场app的学生.


  • In conjunction with lenders reviewed and used by our students, the SAU 金融援助 staff generated a list of lenders and compared those lenders' loan product details such as: fees, 利率, 退税, 等. 在评估了这些贷款产品之后,工作人员生成了一个首选贷方列表.
  • Evaluation and Selection Criteria: After compiling a comprehensive list, lenders were evaluated and selected based on 利率, 发放的费用, 联保人的选择, out-of-state borrower options, efficiency of loans processing, 客户服务, 贷款限额准则, non-degree seeking loans options, 过期余额期权, repayment options/incentives.
  • Each lender on this preferred lender list is unaffiliated with the other.
  • A student is not required to borrow from a lender on this list and may apply for a private student loan with any lender. 

St. galaxy银河娱乐场app does not endorse any of the lenders included in the links above and cannot recommend specific lenders. Students may also choose to use a loan provider that does not appear in the list of lenders included at either of the links above.


You may be eligible for a portion or all of your student loan to be forgiven (not repaid) depending on your area of study, 你的贷款是如何融资的, 或者你工作的地方.



如果你打算教书, 你可能有资格获得部分贷款减免或全部偿还(取消)。. 

Loan type: 直接补贴 贷款, 直接无补贴贷款, Subsidized Federal Stafford 贷款, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford 贷款

Public Service 贷款宽恕

Working in certain public service jobs and making continuous payments on your Direct Loan may qualify the balance of your loan to be forgiven. Examples of public service include government jobs at any level, attorneys in certain fields, non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, other non-profit groups. AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, VISTA also count.

Health Care Professionals Loan Repayment

有几个项目为那些在医疗行业工作的人提供贷款偿还或宽恕, usually in low-income or health professional shortage areas (HPSA).


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